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Hot Wings: (also available with BBQ sauce)
Hot: 413 Calories  |  BBQ: 463 Calories
  |  Plain: 427 Calories 

Garlic Bread
117 Calories, 1 Serving  
Garlic Cheese Bread
220 Calories, 1 Serving   
Potato Wedges
110 Calories, 1 Order Equals 4 Servings 
Cinna Treats
210 Calories, 4 Servings Per Order   
Side Sliced Jalapeños
5 Calories, 3Tbs.  
Side Home Made Ranch Dressing
5 Calories, 3Tbs. 
2 Liter Sodas (Take-Out or Delivery Only)$2.95

Lunch Specials
Served daily until 4:00 pm. Salad Bar available at select locations only.

#1Personal pizza up to 6 toppings or a signature pizza and soda.$6.75
#2Personal pizza up to 6 toppings or a signature pizza, side salad (or 1 trip to salad bar) and soda.$10.00
#3Sandwich or calzone, chips and soda.$6.75
#4Sandwich or calzone, side salad
(or 1 trip salad bar) and soda.

*Pricing may vary by location